RTC 'All over' 2016 Sleeveless

RTC 'Hardcore 93' All Over Sleeveless T-shirt


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RTC 'All over' 2016 SleevelessRTC 'All over' 2016 Sleeveless

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RTC 'Hardcore 93' All Over Sleeveless T-shirt

Rotterdam Terror Corps 'Hardcore 93' very limited 'sleeveless' t-shirt high quality all over print made out of soft shirt fabric. 'Rotterdam Terror Corps' future style image. Looks also great on your MMA pants. Also available as a short sleeve shirt for a limited time. Size L and S are sold out already.

XXL - 79 cm long 62 cm wide
XL - 76 cm long 58 cm wide
M - 73 cm long 54 cm wide

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