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DRS - Underground Empire cd


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DRS - Underground Empire cd

DRS Underground Empire CD. DRS is taking you to the next level of hardcore, 15 pounding tracks to crush your ears on one crazy album.

01. DRS ft. Madsin - Underground Empire
02. DRS ft. Madsin - Creep
03. DRS vs Bass Instinct - Afterlife
04. DRS ft. Madsin - Fear My Name
05. DRS vs Repix ft. Madsin - Underground Music
06. DRS vs Estasya ft. Madsin - Dominate
07. DRS vs F.Noize - Devil’s Pray
08. DRS vs Estasya - Dope (Neutronix Remix)
09. DRS vs Angernoizer - Surpise MTF
10. DRS vs Aggressive - Down Tonight
11. DRS vs MBK ft. AMN - Invasion
12. DRS - Never Surrender (R3T3P Remix)
13. DRS vs Yunke vs Jony K - Is Coming Back
14. DRS vs Drokz - Can’t Touch My Style
15. DRS vs Chaotic Hostility ft. Madsin - Raise Hell

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i like it hard and im verry happy

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