Angerfist Creed of Chaos 2CD

Angerfist Creed of Chaos 2CD


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Angerfist Creed of Chaos 2CD

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1. The Approach (Intro)
2. Brainfail
3. Gangsterizm (with I:Gor)
4. Crusader
5. Send me to Hell
6. From The Ashes (with Mad Dog)
7. The Law
8. The Promqueen’s Finest Drug
9. Creed of Chaos (ft Nolz)
10. HOAX (with Furyan)
11. Pennywise
12. Blaze (with Tripped)
13. Just Like That (with Radium)
14. The Driller Killer (The Braindrillerz Remix)
15. Necronomicon
16. Krash The Party (with Akira)

1. Black Hole
2. F#cking Wit Yo Head (with T-Junction & Broken Minds)
3. MF (with Bloodcage)
4. Wiseguy
5. Taking Charge
6. Day of Reckoning (with Radical Redemption)
7. Bassline Abuser (ft Syco)
8. Overdose Music
9. Nothing Is Real (with Ophidian)
10. Die Hard (with Outblast & Tha Watcher)
11. Boomstick
12. Buckle Up And Kill (Luxxer Remix)
13. Still Pissin Razorbladez
14. Stainless Steel (System Overload Remix)
15. Off The Grid
16. Stabwound (with Bodyshock)

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