Estasia - No Brakes (2CD)

Estasia - No Brakes (2CD)


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Estasia - No Brakes (2CD)Estasia - No Brakes (2CD)

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Estasia - No Brakes (2CD)

The uptempo princess produced her second album and it is a winner! 14 brand new hardcore tracks and collabs with artists like: Furyan, Lunakorpz, Hyrule War, Andy the Core and many more. Her remix of 'Time to Kill Another One'' by Rotterdam Terror Corps is a force to be reckoned with too. No Brakes is hard, fast and sexy.

01 No Brakes- feat Starrlight
02 Time to kill another one (Estasia Remix)- Rotterdam Terror Corps & The Hitmen
03 Damage- versus Nstinct feat Starrlight
04 Way we live- versus Hyrule War feat Starrlight
05 Winners versus Underground Vandals
06 Same as you- versus Andy the core feat Starrlight
07 Killer Instinct- versus Furyan
08 Last Night - feat Starrlight
09 Listen up gangsters- versus The Satan
10 Mad as f#ck versus Insanity
11 The fire- versus R3t3p
12 Through your speakers- versus YunKe
13 Take you away- versus Lunakorpz
14 Pitchblack- feat Starrlight

01 Estasia ft Starrlight - No Brakes . 02 RTC & The Hitmen - Time to kill another one (Estasia Remix) . 03 Estasia vs Nstinct ft. Starrlight - Damage . 04 Estasia vs Hyrule War ft Starrlight - Way we live . 05 Estasia vs Underground Vandals - Winners . 06 Estasia vs Andy The Core ft. Starrlight - Same as you . 07 Estasia vs Furyan - Killer instinct . 08 Estasia ft Starrlight - Party like . 09 Estasia vs The Satan - Listen up gangsters . 10 Estasia vs Insanity - Mad as f#ck . 11 Estasia vs R3T3P - The fire . 12 Estasia vs YunKe - Through your speakers . 13 Estasia vs Lunakorpz - Take you away . 14 Estasia ft Starrlight - Pitchblack

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I am here for Estasia the PRINCESS of hardcore!

The best!


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