Hardcore Top 100 best of 2015 part 1

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Disc 1

1- Tha Playah, Neophyte And The Viper Rebel Dizz#TiH
2- Advanced Dealer NSTFR
3-Javi Boss Let's Go Crazy
4-Arakne Darkore
5-Broken Minds Apocaliptic
6-Art Of Fighters Words Of War
7-Tommyknocker Wild
8-Wasted Mind Triumphant
9-The Viper & Neophyte First Aid
10-State Of Emergency Animals
11-Furyan Bombshell
12-Nosferatu Assassinator Style
13-Nitrogenetics Speak Your Mind
14-Negative A Darkness Infused
15-Triax Relinquish All Control
16-The Empire Embrace The Darkness
17-Nitrogenetics Apex Predator
18-Omi feat. Broken Minds Wake Up
19-Bodyshock Hold Us Back
20-The Viper & Nosferatu Kingdome Come
21-Dyprax Running Scared
22-Art Of Fighters & DJ Predator Hellfire
23-Crossfiyah Revolutionary Warfare
24-The Viper & Kasparov feat. Alee & Diesel Meltdown
25-Re Style Vicious
26-Bodyshock feat. MC Jeff Legacy
27-Bloodcage Martyr
28-Furyan & Rob Gee We Are The Walking Dead
29-The Wishmaster Party Our Ass Off
30-The Empire The King Of The North
31-Negative A The Devil's Harvest
32-Igneon System & Miss Hysteria C.U.N.T.S.
33-JuanMa I'm The King
34-Sei2ure Pressure
35-DJ Mad Dog & Unexist Disproving God
36-Korsakoff & DaY-mar feat. Erik Lindeman Hurt
37-Destructive Tendencies vs F Noize Ameno
38-Biorekk & Mikey Motion In Your Face
39-Mainstage Maffia Running Up That Hill
40-Amnesys Embrace The Ultimate
41-N-Vitral & Sei2ure Noise Pumper
42-Advanced Dealer Drugs In The Club
43-Destructive Tendencies & Hardbouncer Destiny
44-Exagon & Goblin Attack The Floor
45-Lady Dammage Confession
46-The DJ Producer Problematic Frequency
47-The Sickest Squad vs Tieum feat. Kraken Swingbeat #TiH
48-Unexist & Drokz Rockus
49-The Sickest Squad feat. Lenny Dee Ass, Bass 'N Bitches
50-Neophyte & Icha Fear

Disc 2

1-N Vitral & Tymon Hardcore Warface
2-State Of Emergency Breaking The Rules
3-The Viper Heat Blaster #TiH
4-The Wishmaster Never Say Never
5-The Viper X Alee & GLDY LX De Wereld Op Z'n Kop
6-Neophyte, The Viper & Tha Playah Master This!
7-Nitrogenetics Kill Myself
8-Wasted Mind Paradise
9-Bloodcage Stress
10-JuanMa Loco
11-Bloodcage Bloodline
12-Igneon System & The Clamps Divergent
13-Dyprax Break Your Back
14-Triax & Predator The Enemy List
15-D-Passion The Culture
16-Javi Boss I'm Here
17-Kasparov Infected By Madness #TiH
18-Crossfiyah Voices Of The Dead
19-Korsakoff Lyra
20-Omi The Future Life
21-2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Come Take My Hand
22-Advanced Dealer Hellscream
23-Nosferatu & Art Of Fighters Devil's Mind #TiH
24-The Empire Iron Throne
25-DJ Mad Dog & Rob Gee Namasté Motherfuckers
26-Tommyknocker feat. MC Jeff Sinner
27-Furyan The Sound
28-Bodyshock Test My Style
29-Amnesys feat. MC Axys Shockwave
30-Advanced Dealer & The Melodyst Breaking Point Sound
31-DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Jeff A Real Voice #TiH
32-Unexist Disconnected #TiH
33-J Roon & Kosmix The Extinction Protocol
34-Negative A & Obscurity Critical Beatdown
35-Furyan & Tieum Clutch
36-Penta Stormrage
37-The DJ Producer The Last Great Overdose
38-Igneon System The Wish For Brutality
39-Wasted Mind Sick Of Life
40-Athmos Close
41-Art Of Fighters & Meccano Twins Hear Me Coming
42-Destructive Tendencies vs Andy The Core Drug & Alcohol Abuse
43-Hellstriker Kaput!!!
44-Gizmo The Is No Other
45-Nosferatu Not Giving A Shit
46-Negative A The Crew Of '85
47-The DJ Producer Out Of Control
48-The Sickest Squad & Radium feat. Kraken Bomb By Bomb
49-DJIPE Infest
50-Riot Squad Doshemeklota
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