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Partyraiser DVD

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Partyraiser DVDPartyraiser DVD

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Partyraiser DVD

More than a year after the "12 ½ Year Jubilee Project" Partyraiser strikes again mercilessly in the roughest and most famous Hardcore location in the Netherlands; the Borchland Hallen in Amsterdam. On April 28, 2007, he joined forces with Multigroove for the second time and all registers were pulled open to surpass the previous edition both musically and in terms of experience with "One Man // Half Machine, Project 2". On this DVD you can once again enjoy the "One man half machine" turnout that could not be seen at any other event. You can also enjoy the crazy crowd, the great DJ battles and amazing laser show. In addition to live sound, this DVD also contains parts of the CD mixed by Partyraiser: "One Man // Half Machine, Project 2". This DVD also contains various fun extras such as an interview with Wesley himself, the visuals and other cool surprises.

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