Project Hardcore.NL 2006 - DVD Back in stock!

Project Hardcore.NL 2006 - DVD Back in stock!


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Project Hardcore.NL 2006 - DVD Back in stock!

The annual Project event returned to the mighty Silverdome Ice Stadium on the 4th of November 2006, embracing more than 6000 hardcore fanatics who gathered for ten hours of pure hardcore madness!
Both Silverdome’s main area and area 2, the so called Tunnel of Rave, showed a wide diversity of various hardcore styles; mainstream hardcore, industrial hardcore, darkcore, early rave and even a glimpse of old school was presented by an impressive selection of hardcore artists.

The DVD is best to be described as a highly essential live registration DVD if you were one of the 6000 people present at
this Project edition, or for any true hardcore fan out there. A more than one hour live registration of Project containing live recorded audio in 5.1 Dolby Digital quality. As extras, footage of The Tunnel of Rave (area 2),
the Project photo gallery with more than 100 party pictures and the official Project CD & DVD trailer
can be found!

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