Tattoo Pack

Tattoo Pack


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Tattoo Pack

Tattoo Pack contains 36 tattoos big & small.
All tattoos are 2 times in the pack

2x Megarave tattoo Big
2x Megarave tattoo Small
2x Hardcore tattoo horizontaal
2x Hardcore tattoo verticaal
2x Rotterdam Terror Corps with text tattoo
2x Rotterdam Terror Corps without text tattoo
2x Offensive tattoo Big
2x Offensive tattoo Small
2x MOH Skull tattoo Big
2x MOH Skull tattoo Small
2x MOH text tattoo Big
2x MOH text tattoo small
2x DNA tattoo
2x Hardcore Gladiators tattoo
2x Terror tattoo
2x CSR tattoo
2x Terrorhead tattoo
2x This Is Terror tattoo

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