Duch book: biography of DJ Gizmo

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Duch book: biography of DJ Gizmo (The Dreamteam)

During his forty-year DJ career, Ferry Salee (1965) aka Gizmo had it all: hits, fame, women, status and tons of money. Now he tries to keep his head above water as a tiler, after a long series of wrong decisions, debts and drug problems. Contact with his son is broken.

It could all have been very different.
But that's not it.

'Gizmo – Een Haags Gabber Story' describes how the youngest member of a large Indonesian family grows into one of the world's greatest DJs, when he puts it on a hakk deh on the waves of the gabber hype. As part of the Dream Team, he belongs to the gods of Thunderdome. In many musical revolutions, Gizmo – according to colleagues technically the best DJ of all – has his nose in the front. From hip hop to house and from hardcore to hardstyle. But the true pioneers are not saved from the pitfalls.

This fascinating and dramatic book is a new puzzle piece in the illustrious history of the Netherlands' most important cultural phenomenon: DJs and dance parties. It shines a new light on South Holland, with Rave The City, the Energiehal, the Tempel, Parkzicht and Stad The Hague Records.

With Darkraver, DJ Rob, Irfan van Ewijk (ID&T), Alex van Oostrom, George Ruseler (Rotterdam Terror Corps), Robin Albers (Jaydee), Guan Elmzoon, The Viper and many others.

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