X-Box 360 Road to Fifa world cup 2006

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Ninety minutes, count them. That's how long you've got in FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup. It's the difference between taking your team to Germany or your country's early exit from the World Cup, the biggest show on Earth. It's about teamwork, skill, stamina, and pride. Are you up for it?

Take part in the European Qualification rounds for the World Cup or create your own custom tournaments. FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup gives you the opportunity to admire the detail of 72 teams, 1,700 players in nine different stadiums from Europe and the rest of the world.

- Next-gen gameplay: The most responsive and context-sensitive gameplay yet seen in a FIFA video game. Feel the impact of every tackle, the quick feet of every step over, and the power of every shot.

- Believable players: Players exhibit life-like body movement and facial expressions. Watch as players express the full spectrum of emotion from elation as they blast home the winning goal, to venting their anger at decisions that go against them in critical match situation.

- Immersive environments: Experience every detail of life on pitch. A combination of the most accurately modeled stadiums from around the world brought to life with dynamic 3-D crowds. Through high-definition you see and interact with a living world, right down to the individually rendered blades of grass on the pitch.

- New presentation: Go beyond broadcast with the all-new intuitive gameplay interface. The integration of this new menu system lets matches flow seamlessly while the player makes tactical changes and substitutions on the fly.

- Xbox Live© online: Enjoy the ultimate in online play using the Xbox 360 native multiplayer technology. Play gamers from all around the world in instant peer-to-peer matches with minimum effort.
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