Regain - Point Of No Return

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23. FEBRUARY 2017
A huge red cross marked the 28th of January in our calendar. This day was the point of no return. Many hardstyle lovers waited for this to come. Regain presents not only his album, he also presents all the tracks live at his event in Time-Out, Gemert. Regain – Point Of No Return

In this article we will talk about this magnificent album from a producer who know how to create music without even using the best hard- and software available. Yes, he still produces at home, at a computer and just a MIDI-keyboard. It’s already unbelievable right? Besides the review, we have also met with Regain for a small interview about his album and the event, which will be published soon! Pawel Goss did rise fast, and now we are here at his ‘Point of no return’. Face his music, Face REGAIN!


A few months ago we saw a promising trailer, which was really epic! It was almost a movie. In a haunted house Regain enters as some kind of black magician, with a black token in his hand. Regain is preparing his ritual. Which will result in his album. The trailer did catch many attentions. The album was really hyped for a long time. There are many albums released in 2015/2016 but this one had a really strong marketing. Which results in an amazing album.

Regain - Point Of No Return | Official Album Trailer


In this section we will talk about the tracks on the album ‘Point of no return’. We will not go in-depth on all of the tracks. We made a small selection of 8 tracks.

1. Regain & Blackwatch – Dying Light
2. Regain & Phuture Noize – Don’t Look Dow
3. Regain & X-Pander – Darkness
4. Regain & Alpha² – Deathwish
5. Regain – Roll It
6. Regain – The Greatest Show
7. Regain – All In Darkness
8. Regain – About Me
9. Regain – Dynamite
10. Regain & The Machine ft MC Renegade – One Shot
11. Regain & Kronos – We Attack
12. Regain & Sub Sonik – Game Over
13. Regain & Delete – Always Angry
14. Regain – Insane (D-Sturb Remix)
15. Regain & Insidiouz – No Survivors
16. Regain & Dither – Industrial Revolution
17. Regain & I:Gor – Reptilians
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