Rotterdam Terror Corps - Respect the core - 2CD

Rotterdam Terror Corps - Respect the core - 2CD


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Rotterdam Terror Corps - Respect the core - 2CD


Rotterdam Terror Corps - Respect The Core 2CD

Including booklet filled with photos!

Disc 1

01 Man made massacre - feat. Dione
02 Reeducate the competition (Respect The Core)
03 This is it - feat. Dione
04 Never back down
05 Troublemaker
06 On fire - feat. Dione & Metalz
07 Feesten tot ik sterf
08 Knight night (DJ Version Remix) - Remake by RTC for Salem
09 Maximum armour - feat. Krad Evitagen vs. E-Noid
10 Demonic state (In Heaven) - feat. Paul Elstak
11Skull dominion (Roughsketch Remix) - feat. Paul Elstak
12 RTC mash up (2013 Rmstrd)
13 Insanity - feat. Paul Elstak (2013 Rmstrd)
14 We keep coming - feat. SRB & Mannenkoor Terrorspore

Disc 2

01 Time to kill vs Skull dominion - feat. Paul Elstak
02 Skull dominion (Destructive Tendencies Remix) - feat. Paul Elstak
03 Rotterdamn (Original) - feat. Paul Elstak (2013 Rmstrd)
04 Terror feelings (Roughsketch Remix)
05 Rotterdamn (Distortion Remix)
06 Rave one (Swedish Chef Mix) (2013 Rmstrd)
07 The horror (Imperium Bass Remix)
08 Hardcore in me oren (2013 Refix)
09 Insanity (DnB mix) (2013 Rmstrd)
10 I get stronger - feat. Distortion & Paul Elstak (2013 Rmstrd)
11 The horror (DJ Myosuke Remix)
12 Nobody harder (Akiradeath Remix)
13 Here comes the drumz (RedOgre Remix)

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Got it this week, and I love it, my 2nd RTC album after Fuck The Millennium!!!!

Got it and love it!

Got it and love it!

An excellent album for XX years of Rotterdam Terror Corps!!!Long life to you ;)

Hardcore Generation Of Terror !!!!!!!!!!!! RMFT !!!!!

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