CSR Pure Terror DVD

CSR Pure Terror DVD

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CSR Pure Terror DVD


In this compendium, with almost 2 hours worth of video, you will find the ultimate CSR anthology of parties, live footage, and the complete CSR liveshow.

You even have the option to interactively switch between the live video and the CSR visuals using the angle button on your remote control!


A collection from the best of the CSR Liveshow.
From parties such as Ik Ben Je Bitch Niet, FSD, and Noisekick's Verouderingsproces. Featuring the stage shows of Psyclown, Firescream Plague and Speedcore Mademoiselle.

Complete interactivity!

By pressing the "angle" button on your DVD player's remote control, you can switch back and forth, between the live footage, and the CSR Videoshow!


The complete collection of the CSR, Terrorland parties.
From Welcome to Terrorland to Birthday in Terrorland,
all from De Waakzaamheid in Koog A/D Zaan, where it all started.


A collection of Terror video clips from around the world.
Featuring the 2 episodes of Plague vs Smurf at Hellrasier vs Megarave, a glimpse at Speedcore in Japan from M1dy,
Speedcore legend Sonic Overkill playing live in Zurich, Switzerland.

Also a bizarre video from an unknown source, and Finally Psyclown brings on the horror, with his slasher music video, insides. Where he carves up an unfortunate Megarave fan in the forests of Limburg.

Watch at your own risk!


An assortment of all the most recent CSR trailers.

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