Nightmare Outdoor - The last daylight DVD

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The legendary hardcore festival 'Nightmare Outdoor' moved its borders on May 16, 2009. For the first time the festival left its Rotterdam roots to establish a new nightmare in the eastern parts of Holland.

Going under the guise of "Nightmare Outdoor - The last daylight" this 2009 edition was a thrillin' opening of the summer festival season! Despite the tricky weather forecasts and the fact that this was the first time the party would proceed during daylight, around 10.000 hardcore die-hards found their way to the spectacular festival grounds. UDC & Mid-Town Records served up 6 areas with a combined total of 75 DJ's and live acts who took this festival ands its visitors into hardcore heaven.

From kickin' mainstream hardcore via brutal terror and industrial over to the good old early rave and happy hardcore,
all aspects of this powerful scene were represented by leading artists such as Amnesys, Paul Elstak, DJ Panic, Mad Dog, D-Passion, Marc Acardipane, Tha Playah, Peaky Pounder, Scott Brown, Enzyme X, Na-Goyah, The Stunned Guys, Ophidian, Forze DJ Team, Akira, Mindustries and loads... and loads more! The combination of the outstanding music, the surprisingly good weather, the extreme phat location plus eye-catching decoration and off course the ear blowing sound systems made this 2009 edition a classic one.

And now the long awaited Live Registration DVD is being released. This DVD gives you the chance to relive the event once again or get a glimpse of what you missed. All above listed elements and the many artists the festival had can be found on this disc, together with the loaded photogallery, amusing interviews and the trailer.
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